Beloningscultuur bij de ING: godsdienst van de zelfverrijking

android-chrome-512x512_tcm162-26158.pngEn ja hoor, onder druk van de publieke opinie trok de ING vandaag het voorstel in om topman Hamers een opslagje van 50% mee te geven, terwijl de gewone ING werknemers, je weet wel, diegenen die na een wegbezuiniging van duizenden medewerkers zijn overgebleven, het met 1,7% moeten doen.

Terwijl iedereen vol verontwaardiging de stem verheft over de schandelijke graaizucht van de lieden aan de top van het bankwezen, hopen en verwachten de heren in de hoge torens van de macht dat de bui snel over zal waaien. Ze moeten met de tijd mee en kunnen niet bij de internationale trends achterblijven. Het is toch immers in het belang van de bank dat talent wordt vastgehouden en dat omwille van een duidelijke beleidsvoering de stabiliteit in de leiding wordt gewaarborgd, etc.

Toen echter duizenden klanten hun rekening bij de ING opzegden en op zoek gingen naar een bank die ethisch verantwoord opereert, ging de ING snel over stag: laten we maar van die bonus afzien. Heel vermakelijk: dit was een bonus om van af te zien, letterlijk en figuurlijk. Continue reading “Beloningscultuur bij de ING: godsdienst van de zelfverrijking”


Bonhoeffer Scholarship Come of Age

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 9.48.44 AM.jpgReview of Taking Hold of the Real: Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the Profound Worldliness of Christianity by Barry Harvey. Cascade Books, 2015.

This Review was Published in Cultural Encounters in 2017.

“Taking Hold of the Real” by Barry Harvey is a powerful book with an important message for Christians today. More than yet another monograph on Bonhoeffer, it offers a compelling analysis of the state of our Western society and the Church’s complicity in its ills. With Bonhoeffer’s help, Harvey seeks to describe an alternative way of being in the world that patterns itself after Christ’s being with and for the world. Harvey takes up Bonhoeffer’s concept of this-worldliness (the insistence that Christian existence is to be radically worldly in a christocentric sense) within the context of a world come of age. The world come of age is yet another term Bonhoeffer coined while in prison to describe the emergence of a modern world that had thrown off religion as an unnecessary garment as it encountered a new dawn of rationality and alleged maturity. How should Christians be Christians in such a world, Bonhoeffer wondered? Continue reading “Bonhoeffer Scholarship Come of Age”

How Bonhoeffer Can Be an Ally for Trump Voters


When Liberty University’s president Jerry Falwell Jr. announced his endorsement for Trump, I was amazed at the rhetoric that justified the evangelical vote for a Trump presidency. As someone with close ties to the evangelical community my amazement turned into horror as I witnessed how evangelical leaders across the board joined in the call to urge evangelical voters to love up on Trump. Continue reading “How Bonhoeffer Can Be an Ally for Trump Voters”


Review of “Race Matters” by Cornel West

512lQebfcDL._SX320_BO1,204,203,200_As a foreign student in the United States my entry into the racism debate is recent. I had a psychological conversion 4 years ago when, through the experience of a black class mate, I became aware of my participation in white privilege even though I am not an American citizen. I have come to realize that the litmus test for any worldview or ethics, and especially any expression of Christian spirituality, is its stance on racism in the US and its willingness to make it the prime focus of action and reflection. Racism is not just one of the many issues the US is facing. It points to THE moral flaw of the US at its core and thus its challenge.

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Bonhoeffer’s Dialectical Christocentrism

For those who are interested, here is a piece that explains what my Bonhoeffer dissertation is all about and what will determine my theological program after that. It may be a little dense and technical, but if you want to get the whole picture of how my work on Bonhoeffer connects with the future of the Church, you will want to read this post.

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Theological 10-step Guide to the Evolution Theory for Conservatives

Here is a little ten-step guide for conservative believers to start thinking seriously about the evolution theory. Since I am a theologian, this is an account that touches primarily on the theological side of things. Continue reading “Theological 10-step Guide to the Evolution Theory for Conservatives”


The Eternal Melody: Mendelssohn and Bonhoeffer

Blogpost for Cultivare on Patheos, January 2014.

Dutch conductor Hans Vonk once said of Beethoven: His music is the truth and nothing but the truth. It is true that where language stops music continues to speak. It is a realm where the unsayable can still be expressed. As such music is theology. Continue reading “The Eternal Melody: Mendelssohn and Bonhoeffer”