Misogynistic Theology: Keeping Women Out!

A transcript from audio on the Desiring God website on January 22 gives Piper’s answer to the question: “whether women should be models, mentors, and teachers for those preparing for a role that is biblically designed for spiritual men.” He observes that, unlike in college, in Seminaries a young man “is now submitting himself to a community of teachers who, by their precept and example, are called to shape his mind and his heart for vocational pastoral ministry.” It is therefore Piper’s opinion that to “distinguish the seminary teaching role from the pastoral teaching role in such a way that the biblical restriction to men does not apply to the seminary teaching results in a serious inconsistency.” He concludes that ” in seeking to justify women teacher-mentors for aspiring pastors, one will be hard put to stress that they’re not in the same category as pastors, and thus, as we believe, out of step with the Scriptures.” Continue reading “Misogynistic Theology: Keeping Women Out!”


Encountering Jesus in the Gospel of Mark

The strange Jesus of Mark
After not having read the Gospels for a few years and after abandoning the standard paradigm of already knowing who Jesus is and what the text means and thus coming to the text with assumptions, a prioris, and prior commitments, resulting in a Jesus who more conforms to our conventions and our fossilized religious framework, reading Mark anew provides for a fresh encounter.

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Jesus Among Sinners

(My recent blogpost over at Whiteboard//Blip)

There she stood. She had been shamefully and publicly exposed as one committing adultery in a society that has only one outlet for sex: what we would call monogamous heterosexual marriage. Such qualifiers were hardly necessary in that Jewish patriarchal society where she was standing now: exposed; caught in the act. Continue reading “Jesus Among Sinners”


Het christelijk geloof als levensbeschouwing

I wrote this article for Dutch newspaper Reformatorisch Dagblad in December 2011. While my opinion concerning the relevance of the arguments for God’s existence has radically changed, I still consider this article meaningful. It represents a position that is still widely held in evangelicalism.


Hoe kun je in een pluralistische samenleving als de onze de waarde en waarheid van het christelijk geloof laten zien? Continue reading “Het christelijk geloof als levensbeschouwing”